How to Promote Your Podcast on TikTok

Many top businesses and brands, from Chipotle to Guess, already have signed up with TikTok and are using all that the platform has to offer. And maybe you have seen those videos of fruit cutting techniques, dance challenges, or you are simply there for all those cute pet videos. However, are you uncertain how TikTok might help you increase your podcast audience? Even if you never have signed up or seen one video, this article still could prove helpful to you and your podcast. I have some fantastic pointers for utilizing TikTok to promote your show and help you find your feet on the social media platform. You will soon find an entirely new world of opportunities for promote podcast on tiktok, and you will have lots of fun all along the way! Share clips of your podcast.

First, if you want to use your account to help increase your audience, you definitely will want to share podcast clips on the platform. It might be snippets from past shows or one or two sound bites of your next episode. If you film the podcast for your channel on YouTube or video podcast, you’ll already have all of the video content needed to make some amazing clips on TikTok.


However, even if you do not film your show recordings, it’s still possible to efficiently promote your show on TikTok. One way to do so includes using audiograms. Audiograms are audio clippings that have been converted to animated waveforms and put on top of images. The final product is a video that then can be shared on various social media channels. Programs like Headliner and Wavve make it simple to make attention-grabbing, eye-catching audiograms, which you then can share around different social media channels.One other great kind of video to share on TikTok as one method of growing your audience is teasers. They might be actual sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, yet you also can brainstorm to come up with some unique, and out of the box ideas for promoting that next episode. You might take a look at the kinds of challenges presently trending on TikTok and check if it’s possible to align any as one method of teasing the podcast. Lip-sync challenges and dance challenges always are popular; however, there are so many various challenges or trends to follow! Discover a one-of-a-kind method of linking it back to your show and you will not just have excellent content that folks enjoy watching, but you also will be gaining new members of the audience who will undoubtedly become loyal listeners once they become hooked on all that your show has to offer.