Health and Fitness Tips — Staying Motivated

At first of the new year many people begin a new campaign to get in the best form of their lives and although the purpose is real enough, in reality many give up before the first month has even passed. So just why is this the case? You may can relate to this yourself. It seems that the more times you try and then give up, this somehow becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. So here are some health and fitness tips to keep you on track.

Health and fitness Tips — Have a Definite Goal

Many of the great books on self motivation use a common theme when it comes to success. Successful people seem to have a very definite purpose to their lives and this especially relates to top players and athletes. The idea of setting a target is nothing new. However it is the way these are set that often can lead to your downfall. For instance, if you just say I need to get fit or My goal is to try a new exercise regimen, this is not sending a strong message to your unconscious mind. In fact, it really is saying that you are not really serious in making the change. So act as specific. Set timescales and definite goals such as, how much weight you will lose and by when. lose weight for running

Health and fitness Tips — Keep A Journal

The strategy of writing down your goals and then keeping a record of your progress is very powerful. It is a way of reinforcing your motives and programming your brain to a new way of life. Try to attach an feeling of excitement to keeping these records. In this way you will not consider this as a chore but as an easy way of feeling good about the changes you are making. Feeling associated with an absolute purpose is a powerful combination.

Health and fitness Tips — Creative Visual images Techniques

I referred to the example of top sportsman and athletes. They appear to naturally use these techniques in taking them to the top. Many a gold medallist will tell you that they visualized over and over again, that moment when they hit the recording first and arrived up to the winners podium. Taking time to see your fitness goals and becoming emotionally attached to positive results will make your motivation come naturally. You will quickly wake up revived with a sense of anticipation. Suddenly thinking about giving up will never enter your head as your new way of being has become part of you.